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About Us

The revised clause 49 is mandatory to comply not only for the companies (including PSUs), but also for other body corporates, to the extent that it does not violate their respective statutes and guidelines or directives issued by the relevant regulatory authorities.

Quarterly compliance report needs to be submitted to the Stock Exchanges within 15 days from the close of quarter, which is required to be signed by the CEO / Compliance Officer.

About Us

Compliance Infotech is a pioneer legal & regulatory compliance management software solution provider in India. Providing unparalleled experience, comprehensive legal and regulatory solutions across multiple industries and business functions, and extensive research on the Indian laws and regulations. The Compliance Infotech collaborates with most successful companies to help them become compliant with laws and regulations in India.

Compliance Infotech partners with industry leading knowledge and technical experts for providing comprehensive compliance solutions to safeguard the integrity of corporate processes and policies and improve the quality of the organization’s compliance with increasingly complex industry regulations with enterprise compliance management solutions. Compliance management enables organizations to confidently manage the broad range of regulatory requirements imposed by State and Central agencies, including the Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement related to Corporate Governance as per SEBI guidelines, and many others authorities. Preventing inaccurate reporting, misconduct and fraud, Comply49® software offered by Compliance Infotech enables a cost-effective legal compliance solutions and security for the company.

Compliance Infotech is a leading provider of regulatory compliance Software, named Comply49®. We continuously monitor and update our regulatory compliance software and data to meet ever changing compliance requirements, keeping our clients up to date with regulatory compliance demands with continually increasing compliance requirements and thus provide services in keeping our clients safe and secure from substantial fines, penal actions, negative publicity and business restrictions.

Comply49® provides an effective legal compliance reporting system, which deals with all the laws applicable to the company and it helps in preparing the initial compliance reports from the operating level and submitting the same to compliance officer and then to place periodically to the Board through the M.D./C.E.O. and finally reporting to the Stock Exchanges within the stipulated time as required under Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement. Thus it saves the company fromde-listing, fines, penalties, prosecutions (Civil and Criminal), show cause, strictures, etc.

Comply49® also provides features to prepare and file a comprehensive annual disclosure statement as per the latest requirements of the SEBI Board, in addition to existing requirements to provide updated information to investors.

Comply49® monitors and maintainslegal and regulatory compliance to support the organization’s business objectives, determine proper legal and ethical behaviour and alert management that the organization is in danger of non-compliance. Offering strategies, tools and techniques to fully integrate compliance into all levels of your organization, our reviewing, remediation and reporting also enhance existing business process management and e-mail and records management.

Thus by installing Comply49® the Board can periodically review the legal compliance status, send reports to Stock Exchanges and:
• Boost corporate responsibility, accountability and effective governance.
• Reduce risk, remove uncertainty and respond quickly and appropriately to compliance concerns to minimise legal risk and exposure.
• Aim higher than simply avoiding fines and penalties, or passing legal scrutiny and audits.