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Enterprise wide compliance framework

Developing a long-term enterprise-wide compliance framework creates a foundation for efficiency and improvement that significantly improves operational excellence throughout your entire organization and substantially lowers the overall cost of compliance. With extensive experience in enterprise compliance assessment, planning, implementation and support, Compliance Infotech’s strategic approach to legal & regulatory compliance delivers maximum return on your company’s investment—and helps ensure a worry-free workplace.


The clients of the firm include leading industries and Public Sector Undertakings including Maharatna and Navaratna companies. The firm offers professional solutions by leveraging information technology and high quality workforce for clients worldwide.

Knowledge Partner

M.K. Ghosh & Co. a 50-year old legal service firm and a leading provider of Legal Research, Regulatory Compliance and Legal Audit services in India with great combinations of legal expertise, highly skilled law professionals, superior innovative quality and serving the leading Corporates, Public Sector Undertakings including Maharatna, Navaratna and Miniratna Companies as well as small and medium-sized industries.