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For the purpose of any provision in this Act which enacts that an officer of the company who is in default shall be liable to punishment or penalty, whether by way of imprisonment, fine or otherwise, the expression “officer who is in default” means all the following officers of the company, namely……….


The Regulatory Compliance Software Implementation services cover the following areas :

  1. Strategic Analysis of the Company.
  2. Assessing potential exposure to liabilities to different authorities, customers, staff, visitors and members of the public.
  3. Testing compliance programme to identify weak spots.
  4. Advising on mitigation of such risk and formulating customized programmes.
  5. Creating a detailed requirements document that outlines the compliance project scope, technical requirements, and process.
  6. Making suggestions based on legal & regulatory compliance industry best practices and experience of other successful implementations.
  7. Receiving feedback and direction from the clients for the compliance project.
  8. Implementation of customized Comply49® software and train your staff.
  9. Conducting scan of compliances of various laws applicable to the industries.
  10. Undertaking the compliance monitoring exercise on the basis of continuous legal research.
  11. Providing timely information to companies regarding suspected violations for maintaining compliance programme when needed.
  12. Developing effective training and seminars for staff to enable them to become fully acquainted with various areas of law and compliance management system and bring the highest value to themselves and the organization.

At least one training will be included with your package and you can always ask for more. On site, customized training can include any specific requirement.
Once your Comply49® software is installed and your compliance team is trained, we'll introduce you to our support team for future requirements.